Shooting Challenge: 11 Eyebrow-Raising Sci-Fi Shots

Shooting Challenge: 11 Eyebrow-Raising Sci-Fi Shots

There’s no better way to show others just how much of a nerd you are than to take a photo of something that screams science fiction. From scrap metal to flying cows, these 11 interpretations of this week’s shooting challenge theme will get you thinking…

Mark Banfield

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Here is my submission for the shooting challenge. I missed the toy challenge last week, so I was stoked to be able to have another go.

This is a Bumblebee figurine shot with a Canon 5D, 24-70mm lens @70mm with OCF flash cable and 580EXII Strobe attached to a Lastolite Ezybox. Low temperature and Lens Flare added with Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop respectively. Go Bumblebee!

Ryan Zerbe

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Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: 18-55mm
Manual focus
F-Stop: 5.6
Exposure: 1/13
ISO: 800

It felt tricky to differentiate sci fi from last week’s theme of ‘toys’ since there is such an overlap between the two for me. After a couple of ideas and experiments with mixed results I wound up going back to toys when I noticed how much LEGO caters to to the sci theme.

Using a robot shaped alarm clock and a couple of small LED lights, I tried to create a scene where other staples of science fiction (aliens, monsters etc.) were running in terror from a giant robot monster.

Stuart Addelsee

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Canon EOS 7D – Canon 50m

f/1.8 | 50mm | 2 Sec | ISO 100

Probably a slightly different take on the Sci-fi theme, I wanted something to do with UFO’s and not having a great many UFO props had to make do. Aliens seem to love cows, maybe they have a taste for hamburgers….

Stuart –

Michael Nguyen

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Canon EOS 500D with stock 18-55mm lens
Shutter speed 1/13

Missed out on the previous challenge with toys, but the sci-fi theme works as well. Picture is a close-up that contains a variant of the adorable Tachikomas of Ghost of the Shell fame and a certain unhappy chief. Taken atop of my PC tower to attempt a sterile background.

Georgina Luczi

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Olympus E-PL3,14.0-42.0 mm, f/3.5-5.6, ISO 200.
SCIFI theme totally challenged me this week, I even experienced dark room photography for the first time. Ultimately I chose Brisbane’s scrapmetal kangaroos. It was an unfortunate day for me, as I had a technical issue with my memory card. I was only able to take 12 photos that day, at least I still had a fun time with the kangaroos. Out of the 12 photos, I like this one for its uniqueness.

Pete Turner

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Canon 7D 10-22mm

There has been reports of a Ranga infestation on Tatooine. I was lucky enough to photograph the clean up crew in action.

Martin Caulfield

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Canon 1D Mk 1V, 100mm 2.8 Macro F2.8 1/21 sec

You cant get more SCI FI than a Plasma Ball. Every B grade Sci Fi movie worth watching has one of these in it.

Graham Nicol

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This scrap metal sculpture sits in a paddock next to Pt Wakefield Rd in SA. “LOST IN WASTE” is painted on the side and there’s a sign nearby – “2001 A WASTE ODESSY”.

Camera: Canon EOS 550D, Sigma 30mm prime lens
Settings: 1/500, f/9.5, ISO 200

David Johnson

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Disappearing Secure Entry Stair
I initially thought about futuristic shots but had a hard time finding something to shoot, (no toys etc ).
I then decided to scan what I took on the weekend ,it was so-so needing lots of photo shopping or edit work .
I prefer not to if I can help it, so eventually this shot popped into my mind as I was looking through a Parkour (Freerunning) shoot of some guys I ran into at the beach ,They did a few of the same runs for me :), ” the scifi shot of the next decade home security ?”
Picture this if you will……..
You’ve just got up the stairs with your shopping and walked on the decking, when you hear the thuds of feet on the stairs behind you so you hit the button and the stair dissolves and the wall sets solid again leaving the would-be mugger/assailant dropping to the ground and you safe inside ….
(you get the idea ,gotta tell/sell the shot somehow)
Camera 600D
lens:18-55 IS II
Length :27mm
ISO: 100
Tv 1:500
Av: 5

Ben Vawdrey

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Canon Eos 550d w/ Tamron 17-50 f2.8 @ 17mm, f/9, 15 Sec Exposure @ 100 ISO.

The Evolution of gaming.

Using Holograms to experience real world racing, on real bikes through real cities, gaming has never felt so real. No risk, but all the exhilaration.

My take on Science is fiction is the future of gaming and how we’ll interact with it. This is Connect on a new level. Using holograms to interact with a real world so there is no need for physics engines and rendering. It’s real.

Back to reality.

This shot was taken with a single exposure in RAW. I used a 430 EX II flash hand held at 1/4 power to capture the model first, (He’ll have a laugh at being referred to as a model), then had him walk out of frame then several 1/16th flashes at various angles to fill in unwanted shadows after he’d left.

I used Lightroom 4 in PP to remove noise, sharpen, crop, desaturate and contrast only.

Damien Collins

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This was taken with the stock-standard Camera app on my trusty ‘ole iPhone 4. Nothing fancy here folks.

I am a bit of a Star Trek fan, and have had these ST:TOS Micro Machines on my iMac at work. I like to think of it as a battle for supremacy, fought out in a tiny office at the end of the Earth.