Sensis Wants To Know Where The Zombies Are

Sensis Wants To Know Where The Zombies Are

When you think Yellow Pages, you probably think of old-school phone books, or perhaps the name “Jan”. You probably don’t think of the flesh rotting undead out to eat your brains, but in an effort to spur on app developers, Sensis is seeking out zombies — or more accurately, looking for Apps that’ll find the living dead for us.

The SAPI Bounty Challenge is designed to highlight Sensis’ API — SAPI, in case you hadn’t figured that out — with a $2,500 challenge for the best app produced each month. The current assignment?

The SAPI team have issued this $2500 challenge to Developers. How will you survive and thrive during the inevitable zombie apocalypse? What should you have prepared? What do you need to know when the walking dead come looking for brains? How do you make your way in a post-apocalyptic world? Create an app or a website – that uses SAPI in some capacity – that helps you survive a George Romero nightmare, and rightfully claim your bounty as the one who vanquished the undead.

Note that the term “app” refers to any widget, website, application or program and can be built on any platform so it doesn’t have to be a mobile app. Go nuts!

More details for the tasty, tasty brain-craving developer within you — go on, you know it’s there, slurping its tongue — can be found at Sensis’ Web site. [Sensis Developer Blog]