Samsung's Mystery Clock Crashes At 9pm, Eventually Leads To Teaser Video

As predicted, the Samsung Clock that was used to generate hype expired. Quite literally at the moment, although digging around in the source code does reveal a few choice nuggets of information. So, just before it wound down, the clock was still looking like as you see it above.

When the clock wound down, the page was, to put it politely, utterly hammered. Plenty of timeouts, plenty of broken images. But I'm the stubborn type, so I got the page source code up instead, which revealed an anagram game. Not too hard to decipher, this one

It's probably meant to look very pretty. Right now, it just looks overloaded.

Just waiting for the next page to load...

And it leads to a teaser video. This teaser video, to be precise.

Which points back to the May 3rd London launch date, by way of some sheep. Nicely subtle there, Samsung. If you can get through to the web site, it appears you should be able to pre-register interest with Samsung... if the page holds up that long.

[Samsung Mobile]

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