Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S III On May 3

Finally, after much rumour and speculation, a "new Samsung Galaxy" is officially coming. It'll be showing its presumably pretty face on May 3 in London at a "Samsung Mobile Unpacked" event -- if that doesn't scream Galaxy S III I don't know what does.

The event invite is a bit vague, of course; there's no mention of the Galaxy S III specifically, just a "come and meet the next Galaxy" strap line. There aren't many other Galaxy models Samsung would use an evening event in London to launch, apart from a flagship device.

If it's launching on May 3, we could expect it to hit the shops pretty soon after. It looks like those rumours of a late April launch weren't all that far off after all. [TechRadar]

Our newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    And to think I almost bought a one x :) it better have micro sd support...

    hmmm just received a brand new Galaxy S 2 on warranty.. perhaps I should be leaving it in the box..

    Hoping it's more exciting than their last release (ie. Galaxy Tab 2)..

    The blob things look very photoshop to me....

    Just over 2 weeks to go... Although what can we really expect? Quad core processor, maybe 2gb of RAM. Will probably ship with Android 2.3.7 the way Samsung roll

    Could be the Galaxy Tab 13. Or the Galaxy Note 7.5. Or the Galaxy Ace 2. Or the Galaxy XYZ. Who knows?

    Any bets on when it will be released over here? How long did the Galaxy S2 take from show to stores?

      Not that long actually. It became available within a month I think but the carriers took their sweet time putting the bloatware on...

    So how long from announcing it on 2 May and having one in my hands?

    I wouldn't be holding my breath for Telstra after the way they are handling the One X and XL. Have a look at their own forum about it.

    Maybe it will be the Galaxy Skin? That's the only way they could interest me.

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