Rumourmodo: Avengers Shooting Not Quite Finished?

Rumourmodo: Avengers Shooting Not Quite Finished?

The Avengers had its world premiere last night, so you’d think the film was finished, right? Maybe not, according to, of all people, Robert Downey Jr.

Slashfilm reports that at the press Q&A after the screening (and well after the obligatory bonus credits scene, naturally) Downey Jr made the claim that they were off to shoot one last scene that night.

He was, it’s got to be said, probably joking, but Slashfilm noted that the head of Marvel Studios was visibly irritated by Downey Jr’s quip. At that point, a hasty “no more questions!” was stated, and everybody left. Slashfilm ties this into a tweet from Edgar Wright (attached to a proposed big-screen adaptation of Ant-Man) from last week that stated

Was just back behind the camera for the first time in nearly two years. Can’t say on what, but it was cool…

In one sense, whether or not there’s another scene is a little moot; the press that attended the premiere are (technically) prohibited from writing about the film, so there could well be another scene added in that we wouldn’t know about anyway. But still, harking back to my earlier coverage of the new teasers, there’s still hope for my dreams of a Muppet crossover! [Slashfilm]
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images