Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Someone Mistakes Phone For Bomb

OH MY GOD THERE'S A BOMB ON THE PLANE. That's what one passenger on board thought when he saw a mobile phone being charged inside the aeroplane bathroom. The plane, headed for America, had to make an emergency landing in Dublin, Ireland, to deal with the "bomb".

When the pilot made the emergency landing, officers quickly boarded the plane to investigate the "bomb". What they found instead was a mobile phone, wrapped in its own charging cable, plugged into the electric outlet inside the bathroom. What kind of person charges a phone inside an aeroplane bathroom? Aeroplane bathrooms are soulless places — no bigger than a coffin, no better than a Porta-Potty, no more private than pooping behind cardboard. You do not put valuable items in that godforsaken room. You handle your business, get out and never come back.

The Boeing 767 had originated from Instanbul, Turkey, with 208 passengers on board. The phone was presumably returned to its rightful owner who was then, I'm hoping and imagining here, promptly ostracised and ridiculed for his actions.

Of course, the silly person who didn't realise it was just a charging mobile phone should be ridiculed too. Though I won't blame that person because everyone's on high alert about the b-word when they're on a plane. You saw something, so you said something. Good on you. [Sun Sentinel]

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