Peelable Polarised Lenses Turn Any Specs Into 3D Glasses

3D movies particularly suck for people who already wear glasses since it means they have to wear two pairs while at the theatre. That, or spend the next two hours squinting at the action on screen.

So designers Lucy Jung and Daejin Ahn came up with a rather ingenius solution. Their Stix concept is a simple set of polarising filter stickers that can be placed directly on the lenses of a prescription pair of glasses, effectively turning them into 3D specs.

And if the decals peel off as easily and cleanly as they go on, this could be a fantastic way to convince a good number of the population that going to a 3D movie doesn't actually suck. Another radical idea that we're just going to throw out there — Hollywood could make better 3D movies. [Yanko Design]

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