Nixie Tube Necklace Turns Defunct Russian Technology Into A Fashion Statement

These days you usually only find nixie tubes used in retro-styled time pieces. But Etsy seller electronico has broken that mould with a stylish necklace that repurposes an old working Russian nixie tube into a fashionable accessory.

A small oak and acrylic pendant houses the CR123 lithium battery and electronic components that keep the tube glowing for at least a couple of hours. And a set of similarly outdated manual toggle switches can be used to switch between a plus or minus symbol, and to power the necklace on and off. There's only one available for $US95, and its creator warns that you should not only keep it dry, but even keep it away from particularly damp locations lest you learn a painful lesson in conductivity.

[Etsy via Technabob]

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