Marvel Comics Pleather Gaming Chair Is The Nerd Throne You've Been Dreaming Of

Comic fans can be pretty rabid in their loyalty to their favourite heroes. They hoard crates upon crates of musty old issues. They cosplay at conventions. And they, apparently, buy and sit in pleather gaming chairs with images of their favourite Marvel characters stuck down the middle of them.

Features of the XZipit Video Game Rocker (no, really) include "Pro series electronics and vibrations" (no, really really) and wireless capabilities up to 46m. Though why you would need your comic book-detailed gaming chair 46m away from anything is uncertain. There are other panel choices — for sports teams, for example — but none that capture the je ne sais quoi of a vibrating wireless gaming chair quite so well as the comic versions. The chair itself is $US400, with additional panels $US80 a piece. [Dreamseat via Comic Book Movie via Geekologie]

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