Making Sure A Stretch Cruise Ship Is Tougher Than It Looks

Today's mega-sized cruise liners are more akin to a floating city block than they are to any boat that harnessed the wind.

And when they're sufficiently gigantic, these ships aren't even built in one piece — they're welded together from enormous prefab sections. Our friends at Oobject have 12 of the most impressive these Frankenboats.

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Cutting In Half For A Stretch Cruise Liner

Last Slice Of Enchantment Of The Seas

The Bow Section Of HMS Bulwark, A Giant Piece Of Lego

Assembling The Final Component Of The George H W Bush

Huge Ship Components Being Built At Kim Heng Shipyard

Shipyard Transporter Carrying A Ginat Slice Of Ship

375-Tonne Prefabricated Module For The Cruise Ship Rotterdam.

Ship Module Building In Cammell Laird Modular Ship Building Hall

Module Of An ANZAC Frigate

A Giant Ships Bridge Being Wheeled Into Place

Section Of A Ship Being Dropped In By Crane

The First Section Of A Cruise Ship

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