Is Wake Up A Bad Protest Stunt Or A Bad PR Stunt?

So about an hour ago, a bunch of black envelopes arrived at the Allure offices, and, from the sounds of it, a number of other publishers as well. The addresses were written in what appears to be white chalk, and it looks like Intel and Apple were hit as well. Bad PR stunt? Bad protest stunt? Your guess is as good as mine -- but it's in terrible taste either way. I'm used to getting slightly weird things land on my desk, under the assumption that something quirky will catch my eye; in the past couple of weeks these have included a water jug, a deck of playing cards, and some months ago, a Mariachi band with ice cream.

But getting an otherwise unmarked envelope, with dusty tones to it? Not cool. Not cool at all.

At the same time, it appears that a black clad group was chanting the same thing outside Sydney's Apple store; Nate Burr tweeted the following pic

There's also a bus

And it appears that it's being used on billboards, in office lifts and in newspapers as well.

Which stinks of a dumb PR stunt far more than a genuine protest to me. A pretty poorly thought out PR stunt; while it's got some attention, it's attention of the creepy kind.

We've tossed a few theories around the office; possibly a Batman-themed prank, possibly one of Apple's competitors (although you'd want to be careful with that one; their legal team doesn't appear to have a sense of humour that it knows about), possibly some kind of tie-in to a soft drink?

A note to anyone sending me stuff; if you just send a powdery envelope, it doesn't engage me; it creeps me out. Perhaps that's just me.


    There was also a protest in Martin Place, though i'd say it was the same group as the ones at the Apple store.

    Rage against the machine is releasing a "Best of" album?

      Networks at work, keepin' people calm...

    Hmm... Targeting Apple? Telling people to wake up? Is MotorMouth finally taking his anti-sheeple message to the streets?

      What anti-sheeple message? Its not my place to tell you how to live your lives, I merely comment upon the way in which you do. And I don't need a meglophone to be heard.

    I wouldn't think it was to do with Batman. If it was then it be Rise and not wake up. My guess would be a protest about Apple's why their products are made. But If they hit intel as well then it might be animal or human rights. Or it's nether of those things and there wasted protest was just a flash mob.

    The only "Wake Up" I know of is a backpackers' hostel near Railway Square:

    Clearly the architect of this Inception didn't think of a subtle trigger to wake up...

    All I know, is that I'm finding this all confusing...

    Really? You're really scared of white powder in an envelope? You seriously think you're a target for some sort of Anthrax-based killing spree?

    You're either American or watch too much TV. If you have that level of concern about your safety and importance, you've got bigger problems in your life.

      You don't at least think it's in poor taste? You and I are clearly very different, then.

        Taste? You're not supposed to eat it.

          Was there actually white powder in it? Because there is no mention of that in the article, just white chalk.

        If you're honestly worried about a chalk-esque logo on an envelope, the terrorists have already won :\

        (PS - they have anyway. Flying DOMESTIC is a massive PITA now (let alone internationally!), especially in the US. GG, Osama. GG)

          I got it too, yesterday, but I was the only person in my office who got one (and until now I couldn't find anyone else who got one too). It was just an unsigned letter that said 'dear Kate, Wake up' . 80% of me assumed PR stunt, but 20% was a little freaked out. I've had colleagues stalked before. It's not nice. Thank god you guys posted this as there had still been no follow up and the 20% was increasing!!

          Flying is fine including domestically in the US. Security barely any different to entering a nightclub. A total beat up.

    Maybe it's a new matrix movie, where Neo isn't actually dead and is being told to wake up.

      WTF...Dammit! Neo is dead? Now I'm never going to watch those sequels.

        Darth Vader is Luke's father.

    Someone needs to tell them that if they're protesting about something, they should actually say what it is... Doesn't seem to be thought out too well.

      Maybe they are protesting against oversleeping and we are all just over-thinking things

        by George he's got it!

        That's a lie! There is NO such thing as oversleeping. Damn... that was close.

      But by not saying what it is, they're getting you to talk about it. Once you find out what it's actually about, you'll be more likely to remember it than if they had just come right out and said what they were protesting from the get go.

      (It's still fucking annoying though).

    I saw what I thought was a billboard this morning with Wake Up on it, a still have no idea what it was for.

    Wake up .....about what ?
    It seems a little weird they had no underlying message or was it another globalising whinge I mean about the poor or KONY or ufo's or the Illuminati or 2012(my favorite laugh)
    But I agree with the story It would be creepy to receive that envelope without a message of what to wake up to ? keep us(browsers) informed with a new post when you find out ...:)

      What if ... the Illuminati are going to end the world in 2012 using UFOs ... BECAUSE WE DIDN'T STOP KONY

    There was also a full page ad in the Courier Mail. I'm guessing PR stunt, cause all of this would've cost a hell of a lot

    Got to love people who are globalisation protesters. "I hate globalisation and everything about it. Oh I'm hungry. I think I'll have Maccas."


    It's not a batman theme prank!!!! I think its a new Apple App.
    Nagios Alert....

    Perhaps it's a prequel to a protest by Get Up Australia. Because, as we all know, you have to wake up before you can get up. Otherwise you just end up in a heap on the floor.

      And then you have to put on a little make-up.

    They took out a whole page of the Hersld Sun today... (pg 7 I think) the whole page is black, just 'wake up' in white in the middle

    Clearly, this is the key that links both the Trials and FEZ mysteries.
    It's plain as day, you all need to wake up and see for yourself.

    I was literally in the protest, we were told to wear black and hold signs chanting wake up. They told us it was to stop procrastination and were paying us $80 so..

      We'd like to congratulate you for your efforts today Laura, you did great. Your next job will pay you $200. Dress in white and protest in front of the Iranian embassy about how the Iranian government oppresses the citizens. Thank you

      "They"....? who were "they" ?
      "They" seem to have a bit of money to spend....but then again here we all are talking about it so....when the "they" reveal what the hell it is, i guess it will be a success in their eyes. Just have to wait and see.

    one of the lifts in my building was also plastered in black with the white wake up writing. wtf...

      dito... I suspect it was a professional job too... no air bubbles. Neat. Cleanly cut edges. Security guards said it was "safe" and ignored my queries... ha

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