Hugvie: A Huggable Robot Pillow Phone

This is one of those concepts that has noble intentions — I think — but comes across as just a little weird. Maybe a whole lot weird. It's a mobile phone pillow/robot with inbuilt vibration motors designed to make mobile calls a lot more personal.

I get what they're trying to get at here, although I can't help but think that the comment that "most people hold it that way" is a little obvious; the phone's in the robot/pillow's head, so there's really no other comfortable way to hold it except for hugging it. [YouTube via Akihabara News]


    do they come with an erections??? Good mothers day present!!!

      How the hell is it a good "Mothers Day" present if it has an erection.?
      In my house only the kids give presents on this type of celebration, so from that perception.....

    This is retarded

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