HTC's Profits Drop 70%, Apple Blamed

HTC's year on year profits were down a stunning 70 per cent, and if you're the type that reads the financial pages, that can't be good. From a gadget perspective, HTC's been quite clear about who it blames: Apple. Specifically, a Reuters article quotes HTC chief executive officer Peter Chou as stating that its declining sales, especially in the US were to do with customers opting to pick up iPhones rather than Desire or Sensation models. It quotes Chou as stating that

"A major challenge we faced last year was the big drop in sales in the U.S. because of competition from the iPhone 4S."

Still, despite increasing competition not only from Apple but also Samsung, Chou remains optimistic about the new focus on phones such as the HTC One X:

"I feel that HTC is being reborn this year, in terms of product strategy and execution of global sales and marketing. We are a new HTC; HTC One will help us to reach this goal."

[Reuters via AppleInsider]



    They don't point the finder at Samsung because they all want to unite against Apple :)

    2 words 'HTC Flyer'

    Worst tab ever

    I think Samsung is probably more responsible really.

      Galaxy S II is also to blame I think. It kicked the crap out of HTC's phones.

      HTC themself is to blame.. Horrid sense ui.. Too many models with non standing out.. And high price tag.. Eg. HTC jet stream.. Can they explain why the sgs2 is so successful.? . HTC might have come up with the idea of stylus on a tablet.. But it's Samsung that made it functional..

    Or maybe it was HTC's fault. Apple develops one phone and one tablet at a time and sells boxloads for its research dollar. HTC has developed so many different models and sizes that it must cost a fortune in R&D alone, let alone separate marketing, sourcing parts and just basic administration. Then having done that, as some of the comments above said: Not always good enough.

    How many boring similar phones can one manufacturer produce? Then cram it full of sence and other 3rd party stuff.

    Blame yourself for releasing a new latest and greatest phone every month, and having far too many region specific models while screwing yourself over by cramming that awful sense overlay into phones - creating more cost in development and updating while ruining the user experience.

    Blaming Apple alone is silly. The Samsung Galaxy SII also took a lot of sales from HTC.
    The other thing that badly affects HTC sales is the difficulty getting warranty repairs done. Last I checked, HTC had only one authorised repair centre for the whole country so you had to send your phone away and no loan phone was offered while repairs were carried out. The forums I checked were full of complaints, which really put me off HTC.

    I also think it's just easier to blame Apple than another Android/WP7 OEM. The Galaxy SII destroyed the HTC Sensation and all its variants in sales.

    I own a HTC phone, their repair centre (I'm not sure it even exists) sucks badly. Should take Apple's idea how to handle repairs and warranty. It was so much of a hassle I decided to repair the phone myself :)

    You can't even mute a HTC Android without unlocking the phone! Enough said..

      When you get a call flip the phone on its face and it goes silent.

        Sorry.. What I mean is put the phone on silent.. Like when you're going into a meeting.. Not to mute when you get an incoming call

    I just stubbed my toe. Apples fault.

    How about the disgraceful delay in approving Android updates for older models. But then again, they all delay updates hoping users buy a newer model. Stuff 'em.

    "We are a new HTC; HTC One will help us to reach this goal.”... More like the HTC One will help you fail!

    Too many models with little differences among them on specs. People get confused of which one to buy. This not only wasted their time and money in developing a phone but also in marketing their own products. While Apple and samsung concentrate on one major phone model and customers know their phones wont get outdated at least in the next

    I feel HTC used to be better than it is now. Definitely too MANY models.

    Well when you make a better phone than HTC, expect to be the reason that HTC is selling less phones.

    Who'd have thunk it?

    i'd say they are their own blame. not 24 months ago i remember people raving about HTC's build quality, refering to both solidity of the unit (my touch pro 2 was a bugger to try and break!) and the actual feel of the unit (they didn't feel cheap, flimsy). now when i look at 99% of the HTC phones my friends have they look like they would break if you stuffed them in your pocket with your wallet!

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