How To Shrink A Coin Using Electricity

How To Shrink A Coin Using Electricity

Electrically conductive metals, such as copper and aluminium, can be altered in form without bringing so much as a chisel to their surface. The secret: electromagnetic fields.

By inducing a high-intensity pulsed magnetic field into — in this case — a quarter, a corresponding repulsive magnetic field is created, rapidly — we’re talking 1/100th of a second, here — repelling portions of the quarter into itself. What results is a fat, dime-sized 25c piece.

What You Need

1x coin 1x electromagnetic conductor 1x heavily constructed coil of wire

Step by Step

Place coin in close proximity to wire coil. Discharge electromagnetic current through conductor, by closing its circuit. The current creates a ultrastrong, rapidly oscillating electromagnetic field around the wire coil. In turn, the coil creates an ultrastrong magnetic current (tens or hundreds of thousands of amperes), which overcome the coin, causing it to alter in shape and size. Imagine the coin is cowering in fear of the current, squeezing into itself like a scared baby animal.

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