How To Make Convincing Fly-Through Cloud Footage Using Just Four Photos

If you're trying to create a dreamy flying-through-the-clouds sequence without renting a plane, helicopter, or even a special effects cloud tank, Jeff Farmer has your solution. All you need is a copy of Photoshop, Motion, four cloud stills photographed from the ground, and a heck of a lot of skill.

In this latest video from XNcreative they show you how to dissect and re-assemble sections of the clouds from your various photos using Photoshop. And then how to convincingly animate them in Motion to create the illusion that the viewer is actually flying through a cloudscape.

The video does lay out the basic steps required, but it doesn't go into much detail on how you actually cut out and properly feather the edges of a cloud. So if you're a Photoshop novice, this tutorial probably isn't going to answer all of your questions. But if you already know what your'e doing, stick around for a bonus how-to at the end showing a neat trick that makes this animation seem like you're flying through the clouds on a distant planet instead. [Vimeo via Planet5D via PetaPixel]


    It would help a lot if he bothered to learn a little bit about clouds and understand what kind of clouds appear where and if one of the photos didn't look completely different to the others. What it needs is a top and bottom plane at an angle that gives you a better idea of direction. i.e. wispy cirrus overhead and fluffy cumulus below. This would be OK for some things but it is hardly realistic. Still, it has given me a project for today.

    i stopped ready when it mentioned Motion. I hate that software so much, honestly my blood pressure is rising thinking about it. ill have a crack it this in after effects

    It seem you can do almost anything to fake photography with software ....
    What happened to taking pictures ?

    1. Buy a plane and a video camera.
    2. Fly the plane through clouds and film it.
    3. Send me a handwritten thank you note.

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