Here's How Much Body Parts Cost On The Black Market

If you were ever curious as to how much body parts can fetch on the black market, Medical Transcription created a snazzy infographic to show you. Some parts are shockingly cheap! Like would you want a new shoulder or a new iPad? Both cost 500 bucks.

Other organs are prohibitively expensive, like a kidney. That little sucker costs $US262,000 in the US (other countries have it for cheaper)! Here's the full list of body parts and their cost:

  • Pair of Eyeballs: $US1525
  • Scalp: $US607
  • Skull with Teeth: $US1200
  • Shoulder: $US500
  • Coronary Artery: $US1525
  • Heart: $US119,000
  • Liver: $US157,000
  • Hand and Forearm: $US385
  • Pint of Blood: $US337
  • Spleen: $US508
  • Stomach: $US508
  • Small Intestine: $US2519
  • Kidney: $US262,000
  • Gallbladder: $US1219
  • Skin: $US10 per square inch

The hand and forearm combo deal seems to be the best bang for your buck. Check out the full infographic here. [Medical Transcription via Geekosystem]


    HA! im off to sell one of my kidneys so i can finish paying back my home loan.

      Sounds like a good plan. I might sell one of your kidneys too! =P

        Get ya own! :P

    Its an extremely sad wave of depravity sweeping the world. Kidnapping people and harvesting their organs or convincing poor people to part with some of theirs for a pittance or, worst of all, convincing poor parents to sell (as almost a parody of a Monty Python parody) one of their own children so the organs can be harvested.

      "Its an extremely sad wave of depravity sweeping the world."

      It's been going on for year and is nothing new.

    And people wonder why it's illegal to sell your body parts for cash in Australia...

      No they don't.

      yeah its only because the government doesn't know how to tax it.. too easy to do at home under the radar for cashies. kinda like weed.. :)

    For that price I might buy myself a part or two. That's pretty cheap.

    Wow. I wonder why Kidneys are so expensive :O...

      Supply and demand.

        People have two. And you can donate them alive. Surely hearts....

    The return on Pints of blood is pretty decent, given that it's a renewable resource.

    Warranty anyone?

    Well if it was legal, then it wouldn't be worth doing it as the prices would drop... lol?

    interesting that livers are so expensive, given that they can rebuild themselves much better than the other internal organs.

    Skull with teeth?

      cheaper than my last dentist bill, thats for sure...

    It's a sad sad world we live in and a sad sad thing we've become as a species....:(

    in the end it reflex the state sociality is in, and its dying, the devil is winning the war over morality.

    I want to sell my kidney what can i do ?

    We nedd information for seling organs please

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