FTC Hires Ace Prosecutor For Google Antitrust

The US Federal Trade Commission has signalled it means business in its proceedings against Google for antitrust violations. For the first time in five years, the agency has hired an outside litigator to lead the prosecution. No, it's not Harvey Birdman.

The FTC announced today that it has hired Beth Wilkinson -- the lead US prosecutor in the OK City Bombing case against Timothy McVeigh -- to take over the Google investigation. "In an important case, you want to do a thorough investigation," FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said.

While Leibowitz did refer to Wilkinson as "a world-class litigator", that does not automatically mean that she'll get to do any actual litigating. The FTC has been investigating the search giant's many programs -- including its search result rankings, Search Plus Your World, and advertising rates -- for over a year and still has yet to publicly comment whether or not it will actually file suit. [NYTimes]

Image: AP



    You have to wonder who's sponsoring this witch hunt behind the scenes... Who are the heavy hitters paying the lobbyists to make sure Google goes under this scrutiny?
    That's where the real story likely lies.
    And I still wonder why there's no similar scrutiny over Apple's various closed and fully controlled eccosystems. Google IS a great big beast, but they're a beast in an open market that anyone can control and be a part of, whereas Apple have made a bunch of closed, fully controlled monopoly kingdoms. Is there some sort of legal loophole that makes it easier for closed monopolies VS a fully free market approach where a company manages to get into a dominant position through competition?

    The reality is that MS, Apple, Google etc are just competing in yet another arena- not through the market but through political lobbyists.

    Prosecuting a high profile terrorist makes her an ace? Must have been a tough job convicting a guy who confessed.

      +9001 LOL!

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