Frank Gehry's Tiffany Chess Set Is A Miniature Architectural Marvel

Architect Frank Gehry is best known for his curvaceous buildings like the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, or the other Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. But he was also recently commissioned by Tiffany & Co to create this funky chess set which looks like a tiny Gehry-inspired cityscape.

But instead of drawing his inspiration from buildings in his portfolio, Gehry designed the various pieces of this chess set based on their role in the game. So the soft curves of the queen contrast the sharp angles of the king, while the pawns have all been equipped with cannons atop them. Unfortunately the set, which is made from fine bone-china, is only available from Tiffany & Co as a special order for a staggering $US25,000. A check-mate to the bank account for most of us.

[Deluxe Spain via The Fancy]

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