Everything You Need If You're A Total Klutz With Your Gadgets

Do you break every gadget you buy, no matter how beautiful or expensive or great, or how careful you pretend to be? Yeah, same here. But that doesn't mean you've got to be relegated to a life of broken everything and empty bank accounts. Here's some gear that'll stand the test of your crippling irresponsibility.

Lenovo X1 Laptop

The Lenovo X1 is supposed to be a business/consumer hybrid, or some nonsense about road warriors or whatever corpo-speak is oozing out of Lenovo HQ. But don't let that get to you. What it actually is is a well-made, nice-looking, sturdy as hell laptop. It's spillproof, made of a matte rubberised material that resists scratches, and isn't thaaaat much bigger than an ultrabook.

G-Form Mobile Cases

Broken phones or tablets are pretty big bummers. And while a case helps, if you are a total screwup, you might need something a little sturdier. Something you can drop from space. Just, err, don't toss the iPhone version from a roof.

Nikon AW100

DSLRs and mirrorless system cameras take gorgeous pictures, but some of us have hooves for hands and your cameras end up shattered on the floor or fried in the rain. Nikon's first rugged cam, the AW100, is a pretty good pull, and its price and features are holding up well, even with a new batch of ruggeds nipping at its heels.

AKG K495 NC Headphones

Headphones break and it sucks. It sucks because unlike phones or tablets or other gadgets that break outwardly, in a way that is visible and obviously, most of the time headphones just stop working for no discernible reason. You can get some impossible-to-break cans, but it would be nice if they also look decent and sound better than a pair of tomato cans and some string. To that end, we like the AKG K495 headphones.

Lacie Rugged Mini External Hard Drive

External drives are just about the most horrible things in the world if you are a habitually uncareful person. One mistake and all your stuff is gone! Which is sad. While the Mini isn't quite as mini as you might hope, it's still portable enough to toss in a bag, and plenty durable if you drop it or knock it off your desk.

Top image via Jaimie Duplass/Shutterstock.

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