Dolby's New Atmos System Will Pipe 128 Channels Of Audio Bliss Into Cinemas

It will take a few years before the technology trickles down to home theatres, but at CinemaCon this year Dolby introduced a new surround sound system called Atmos that promises to create the illusion that sounds are coming from everywhere inside the theatre.

Using improved sound rendering algorithms and additional speakers located in the middle of the theatre, engineers mixing a soundtrack can more accurately place sound effects in and around the theatre. So imagine rain actually sounding like it's pitter-pattering on the roof above you. The new system doesn't require a complete retrofit for theatre owners either. An inspection process will determine if the existing speakers have sufficient frequency range and amplification to support the Atmos system. And since it will require a longer mastering process, filmmakers don't necessarily have to opt for creating an Atmos-compatible soundtrack either. The upgraded theatres will simply recreate the illusion of listening to just a 5.1 or 7.1 mix if that's all that's available.

For patrons the improvements should actually go a long way to improving the movie-going experience. Helping to draw them into a movie, and increasing their suspension of disbelief. And since it doesn't sound like upgrades will be expensive, it will hopefully not be an excuse for cinema owners to once again raise ticket prices for an Atmos-enhanced screening. But we're not going to hold our breath. [Dolby via The Verge]


    Atmos... Like Torchwood Atmos?

    Wait so.... 128.1 surround sound?

      .1 with a giant muzza subbie?

    nein 128.128 lol.

    yes 128.1

    Front, back, left, right and top ... How about speakers in the ground? i know the sub kind of does this job, but still..

    Now only if Hollywood would stop regurgitating the same old crap all the time and actually spend energy on making great flicks, that would help. Rubbish even with 128 speakers still rubbish!

    The idea of more speakers making for a better sonic experience is a bit fallacious. Unless the engineer really knows what he's doing, you're just going to get sonic mud.

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