Doctors Can Practise Brain Surgery Without Actual Brains Now

Learning to do brain surgery isn't easy, as the procedures are often difficult even for experienced surgeons. So researchers in Japan have developed the Cybram 001 — or Cybernetic Brain Artery Model — which simulates the functions of blood vessels in the brain, letting surgeons hone their skills without risking a patient's life.

The simulator doesn't actually have them dealing with a squishy mockup of the human brain. Instead, it lets them practice procedures where surgical implements have to be inserted into arteries and blood vessels, using a series of stand-in plastic tubes. And through a touchscreen panel everything from the blood pressure to the patient's heart rate can be controlled to simulate different surgical scenarios.

As you can see, Cybram 001 is also completely see-through. So surgeons-in-training not only get a unique view of the inside of the cerebral cavity and blood vessels as they perform procedures, but it also allows professors to demonstrate techniques to an entire class. And does anyone else see the potential for life-size jello moulds? [DigInfo TV]

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