Developed Down Under Promises To Make Finding Aussie-Made WP7 Apps Easy

When we're out shopping, we're encouraged to buy "Australian Made" goods, but how do you transfer that concept into the App world? Niall Ginsbourg from (who we've covered previously in Developers Cubed) and Scott Sheedy of WPDownUnder came up with a great concept to do just that, promoting Aussie-made Windows Phone 7 apps along the way.

Under the banner of "Developed Down Under" — which is also the name of the accompanying free Windows Phone 7 app — any application developed in Australia can be listed in the App, which was built in just a week by Niall Ginsbourg.

According to WPDownUnder's Scott Sheedy, it was developed "to overcome some of the deficiencies in Microsoft's Marketplace as the size grows, whereby it is impossible to dice and slice the Apps by country of origin or relevance (just keyword search). This has been born out of my idea to try and come up with a Windows Phone Developer AU equivalent to the "Australian Made" campaign for buying/supporting locally made items."

Being listed in the App is via an opt-in process, and at the time of writing Developed Down Under lists 64 apps from 17 publishers. [Developed Down Under]




    Thanks very much for the coverage and Marketplace link for the App! We hope all your Aussie Windows Phone regulars like it. The Opt-in page for Dev's to get their Apps included FOR FREE is here: :D


    This is great - i've been following the news on the app, and have now downloaded. Love your work Sheeds / Ginsbourg. Keep promoting WP7 in Oz and it'll pay off!

    Thats right, I downloaded this last night. Forgot all about it.

    It's a great app! Love the feeds from Australian only posts as well :)

    Does anyone know of an Android equivalent?

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