Compact Cube Grill Rolls To Wherever Carnivores Congregate

Thanks to a set of four large rubber wheels and an extremely compact design, the Cuebe grill can be easily rolled to wherever grilled meat is on the menu. It's a portable kitchen devoted to steak and burgers, but with an added healthy twist.

A set of gas-powered burners let you do most of your cooking, but the Cuebe also offers a teppanyaki griddle for grilling up steaks, burgers, and even frying up a few side dishes using minimal oil and butter.

On each side of the portable kitchen you'll find a pop-up table that adds counter space for food prep, while a host of drawers and cubby holes below the cooktop provides plenty of storage space. Whether you're stashing grilling tools, spices or festive libations.

It's a lovely and more functional alternative to your run-of-the-mill BBQ, but at $US3800 you're paying a premium for its well thought-out design. [Cuebe via The Fancy]

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