Cheese Doodles Bring Happiness After Wandering The South Pole For 86 Days

This Norwegian dude had been wandering the South Pole for 86 days when he found his last cache hidden in the snow — he left on his way in and he didn't take notes, so he couldn't remember what was in it.

Witness his absolute happiness as he discovers Cheese Doodles and chocolate and candy. It makes me happy just to watch his absolute joy.

He's so joyful that, when I showed this to my Swedish sister-from-another-mother Teddie — to ask her if the guy was Swedish or Norwegian — she told me she would date him: "Anyone who gets this happy over Cheese Doodles I'll date" (this girl means business, buddy, and she's as pretty and smart as they come, so contact me and I'll give you her email). This her rough translation:

He says in the beginning that he is so hungry. He wonders if they have left any goodies apart from the most important stuff. He finds vaseline and zink and wishes to find food. He doesn't know if they have left anything to eat. And then he finds the snacks, cheese and candy. And before that, when he crawls back to the camera, he says he didn't think there will be any, but you should never lose hope.

Indeed, never lose hope.

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