Canon's EOS 60Da Shoots For The Stars

With the DSLR market pinching downwards into the budget and micro 4/3rds categories, how do you bring in even more customers? By filling in the niches, as Canon's doing with its latest camera, the astrophotography-specific EOS 60Da. Update: Although you'll have to shop around, as this is a camera with no RRP. The EOS 60Da's pitch is toward astrophotographers; it comes with an 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a DiG!C 4 image processor equipped with a low pass infrared cut filter to allow better captures of distant light sources -- or in other words, stars.

No word yet on exact local pricing -- some sites overseas are listing it body only at $1,499 -- but Canon Australia advises it'll be in stores on April 19th.

Update: Canon representatives sent me the following comment in regards to the EOS 60Da's RRP:

"As product pricing is often set by dealers at their discretion, Canon is no longer releasing RRPs. We would recommend to your readers that they check out their local and online stores for Canon product pricing."




    If you have the right tools you can remove the ir filter yourself, or replace it with clear glass, and save buckets of money. There are also astro nuts out there in internet land that can do it for you for a modest fee.

      You're right on the mark. One of my friends back in the day said he actually bought a pre-modded 40D from a company in the states for cheaper than a 20Da.

      I would love to do astrophotography, but I know it will end up costing me a fortune.

    What a cop-out. Their response to poorer Australian pricing is to simply hide the price?

    What lens would you use for 60Da astronomical camera?

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