Baby Jacuzzi Is A Great Way To Relax After A Long Day Of Napping

If you thought it was stressful being a new parent, imagine what it's like for a baby who's been thrust into the world after spending nine months in solitary confinement. But a few minutes in the MagicBath baby whirlpool every day should calm their nerves.

At just under $US3200 it's a little more expensive than just using your kitchen sink for baths — which probably came free with your home — but does your sink provide soft relaxing jets of bubbles? We didn't think so. And does it have a set of coloured LEDs on the bottom for soothing chromatherapy sessions? No it does not. Sure, your kid will probably outgrow this tub in a year, but if you're going to spoil them, you might as well start when they're too young to remember your generosity right?

[BluBleu via Klat]

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