Aussie Consumers Hit With Fake Apple Card Scam

Have you recently been offered a $100 Apple iTunes card over the net as a result of your loyalty to the Apple brand? The chances are good that you've just been phished. Remember: If it's too good a deal, it's probably a scam. Symantec's blog reports on the scam, which ran over April in Australia and the UK, offering users a fake version of Apple's own site with the hook of a $100 Apple Gift Card once details were verified — those details being your full personal details, Apple ID and Credit Card information.

Sounds too good to be true? Yep, as with just about every other phishing scam ever, it was, something that Gus over at Lifehacker pointed out at the start of the month. If you did enter for that kind of thing in the last month, it'd be a good idea to check your credit card statements rather carefully… or just cancel them outright. There's no details on Symantec's site as to how many consumers actually got stung by the scam; hopefully the number is low. [Symantec]

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