Asus Fixes Transformer Prime GPS By Adding A Dongle

Asus' super-powerful silver bullet Android tablet had one big problem: its GPS sucked. So instead of issuing replacement hardware that didn't suck, Asus is handing out fat, ugly dongle attachments. Oh, and they block the tablet's dock connector, too. Sweet!

Land of Droid, which says the GPS booster "works very good", has exclusive shots of the dongle, which will be available for free tomorrow. Asus seems pretty excited about the kit, too:

The response to the Transformer Prime generally has been overwhelmingly positive, but we understand that, in certain situations, the GPS functionality has not met some users' expectations. Although the Transformer Prime is not a designated GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to customers we are offering all Transformer Prime owners a free external GPS extension kit, called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimise the user experience.

Great — but this is design at its absolute least thoughtful. The Transformer is already a large device, and sticking this plastic tumour on top like some sort of squashed dunce cap is beyond inelegant. You can't even charge the tablet with this thing plugged in. Imagine if Apple had addressed the iPhone's antenna problem by adding an external '90s-era telescoping antenna? This is on the same plane of design and aesthetic fatuousness. Transformer owners tend to love their power-slate, and they deserve better than this.

Asus Australia has indicated that the dongle will be available to Australian consumers; you can register for it here. [Land of Droid via Engadget]



    oh yes, imagine if apple did do that.....the furore would be incredible. But instead, we'll get the droid community defending this move. Such is the one sided nature of fanboyism.

    "...Land of Droid, which says the GPS booster “works very good”..."

    US Gizmodo attacking another publisher for lack of gramatical skills. HAHAHA oh the irony!!!

    "...Imagine if Apple had addressed the iPhone’s antenna problem by adding an external ’90s-era telescoping antenna?..."

    Two points:

    1) What does this have to do with Apple? Imagine if Mitsubishi layed off 350 staff like Toyota has? Oh wait, they already did. And they're still selling cars.

    b) Apple's initial response was to deny there was a problem, followed by saying users are the ones at fault, followed by issuing a "case". If Asus were following Apple's lead, they'd fix the problem by giving you a bluetooth mouse - so you can leave your tablet outside the window where there's a stronger GPS signal but stay inside on the couch to control it.

    Apple is not much better at these sorts of things. Forgotten about antenna-gate?

    Oh and speaking of dongle attachments that block the tablet from charging, might I take this opportunity to point at EVERY SINGLE DONGLE FOR THE IPAD?

    They're also replacing defective screens with a free external cable.

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