All Of YouTube's 1080p Videos Are Going 3D

For as much as everybody loves to hate 3D, there seems no end remakes and reboots touting it. Even YouTube is jumping on board, announcing today that all short-form videos uploaded in 1080p will automatically be converted to the 3D format.

The auto-3D feature is an offshoot from the one-click conversion that YT rolled out as a beta last year. The process relies on a self-teaching algorithm to accurately split the image into two and set the proper depth, then farms out the actual conversion to the Google Cloud architecture which breaks the video into chunks and process each piece in parallel. 3D picture quality can be either 360 or 720. If you've got a pair of anaglyph glasses handy, you can see it for yourself below. [YouTube via PC World - Image: xstockerx / Shutterstock]


    that seems like an awful waste of a whole lot of processing power... (not that I can instantly think of something better, but there would have to be thousands of scientific studies looking for numbers to be crunched like that)

    We're they trying to cut back on data just last year?

    Weren't they trying to cut back on data just last year?

    You can't "convert" 2D into 3D.
    The depth information is simply not available, so any conversion will just be simulated 3D.
    Simulated 3D has to be the worst concept since 3D.

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