YouTube Auto Fix Makes Bad Videos Suck Less

YouTube is expanding its video manipulation options with a new feature that will automatically fix up your crappy video footage. The edits include colour correction and image stabilisation.

But there's a catch: Any time video is manipulated digitally, it is degraded to some extent. Automating the manipulations, as opposed to making adjustments as the user's eye sees fit, often results in some wacky and gross results. Software stabilisation in particular is an imperfect art — common methods to compensate for shaky movement can lead to pixelated or warped images.

It will be interesting to see how well YouTube's tools function when processing the vast diversity and quality of video content submitted. Luckily, the company had the sense not only to make the automatic fix optional, but you can also revert back to your original video if you are dissatisfied with the results. [YouTube via The Next Web]

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