What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

ISPs fiddled around shaping speeds, TPG pondered unlimited NBN, e-health popped up as a topic again and Broken Hill made its NBN pitch in this week’s wrap-up of NBN news.

• TPG is said to be pondering an unlimited NBN plan. If it did so, it’d be the first Australian carrier to do such a thing. [Delimiter]

• Speaking of NBN plans, Club Telco announced its plans. The big differentiator is that they’re technically contract-free, although there is a slight pricing sting to be aware of [Gizmodo]

• A big week for VoIP providers on the NBN this week, with Engin announcing plans and MyNetFone said to be planning an announcement next week. [ITWire]

• Health and the NBN go together well, but the question remains as to whether a new hospital with fibre really needs the NBN at all. According to the director of ICT architecture at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, the benefit lies in linking up all hospitals, regardless of geographic location [Gizmodo]

• Telstra launched its “Connected Home” bundles; while they’re not NBN plans, they do strongly highlight where Telstra sees its NBN advantage in the future — in bundled packages strong on content. [Gizmodo]

• The NBN could be faster as long as you’re on quota, but what happens when you go over? For a number of ISPs, the answer is you get shaped — and shaped at speeds lower than comparable ADSL shaping. [Delimiter]

• We should know the next three year rollout plan for the NBN within the next week, but already the political lobbying to get it quicker for certain regions is kicking off. The mayor of Broken Hill is lobbying to get NBN access for New South Wales’ western districts, arguing it’d bring a significant economic boost. [ABC Online]