Week In Review: Big Broadband, Big Phones And Big Animals

Big NBN news, big legal actions, big smartphones and big animals with big smartphones were amongst the top stories this week.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: Size Does Matter

Samsung's Galaxy Note took its time to officially reach Australian shores, but Elly reckoned the wait was well worth it — as long as you're happy with a large phone. Read More

ACCC Taking Legal Action Against Apple Over ’4G’ Claims On New iPad

Apple's marketing efforts didn't push the 4G message particularly hard in Australia, but it didn't remove the markings from its boxes — and the ACCC wasn't impressed. Read More

Rumourmodo: Netbooks Not Quite Dead Yet?

I remember when Netbooks were the hot new amazing thing, but they’ve been rather eclipsed by cheap tablets in more recent times. Efforts from Intel could see the ailing category reborn, according to current rumours. Read More

NBN Unveils Its Three Year Plan

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, broadband minister Senator Stephen Conroy and NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley launched the three-year rollout plan for the National Broadband Network. Here’s the full blow-by-blow live report. Read More

The NBN’s Three Year Plan Is Here: Now What Happens?

After a lengthy wait, NBN Co unveiled its three year plan. But what happens now? Read More

Most Entertaining Story

The Galaxy Note Was Built For Elephants

You could have frolicked with some very happy cows, but the cows lacked the technological edge that Samsung's viral video of an elephant using a Galaxy Note had. Sure, it's an advertisement, but there's... an elephant... with a phone! What more could you want? Read More

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