Week In Review: 4G, Tablets And Lulzsec Betrayal

Tablets, more tablets, 4G, Lulzsec and a mix of 4G and tablets dominated the week's news for the week starting March 5th. Here's our pick of the week's top stories.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G: Does Speed Matter?

Telstra's first 4G tablet came in the form of Samsung's slightly older Galaxy Tab 8.9. Was it worth the wait? Read More

Read The Full LulzSec Indictments Right Here

It sounded like a bad spy novel; the head of a notorious hacker group turns out to have been an FBI informant for quite a long time. Read More

What Will Be Your Next Tablet? 28 Tablets Compared

Tablets were big news this week. But which one should be yours? We've looked at the specs for a wallet-busting 28 tablets to make the decision easier. Read More

New iPad And Apple TV: What’s The Aussie Picture? [Updated]

Apple announced this year's iteration of its iPad line; what did this mean for Australian consumers? The news was both good and bad. Read More

Australian 4G Frequencies Explained [Updated]

Everyone spent the week arguing 4G LTE, but that was due to a lot of confusion about what the telcos are doing with 4G. We looked at the numbers behind the acronyms, and what each telco is doing. Read More

Most Entertaining Story

Apple Event Meta Liveblog: All The News As It Happens

Our iPad Liveblog had a little bit of everything. A little iPad, A little Tim Cook, and a little MC Hammer. Truly, you can't touch this. Read More

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