Watch Celebrity Apprentice C-Listers Unsurprisingly Fail At Viral Videos

Viral marketing has become so pervasive, even The Donald is hopping on the gravy train. On last night's US Celebrity Apprentice, the task laid before the competing teams was to create a viral video for a product called the O-Cedar Pro Mist Spray Mop. It went, uh, poorly.

Commercially fabricated viral content is almost always a gag-fest, and the efforts of these motley used-to-bes and never-weres are no exception. What resulted were two videos that looked like commercials you might see on broadcast TV, but lacked any hallmark of what might be called "viral video". Or anything resembling a coherent human thought.

The men's team eventually claimed victory, mostly due to the lovability of Lou Ferrigno, while the women's video fell flat with a poor attempt at sexual innuendo. But it all matters little, because something tells me that the executives watching and Trump's own advisors wouldn't know how a great viral video if it hit them square on the hairpiece. [Celebrity Apprentice]

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