Watch An Ultra Sharp Knife Slice Through A Soft Drink Can In Super Slow-Mo

It takes a really sharp knife — like, say, the Kramer — to slice right through a soda can or a water bottle. And a really impossibly wonderful Phantom camera to film it in super slow motion for our slicing, dicing, destructive enjoyment:

Apologies, video fixed!

[Popular Science]



    Where's the video? I see only an image, a link to a knife website, and a 404.

    Well done.

      I second that

    I don't buy it for one second. The water bottles were glued to the table, and the can...which is a whole different story, it practically rips itself open with pressure once the knife hits it. Granted the knife must still be very sharp, with a blade angle of probably only a couple of (4-5) degrees and VERY hard carbon steel, still I think these videos are probably misleading. Trust me, I know more about kitchen knives than anyone even cares to guess.

      if you take a look at the bottom of the bottles, it does look like they jump a little bit when the knife hits

      The can actually jumps a little and shifts position, so Im not sure how you can suggest that the can was glued? There's no residue or ring or blob where the can was positioned to suggest any sort of adhesive was used. Just sayin.

    Oh yeah....The best knives I know of are Cutco from the US. 6 degree blade angle, very high grade carbon steel, the tang on the the knife runs the full length of the handle and the grip is made of thermoplastic attached to the tang using tungsten carbide rivets (the tungsten carbide rivets don't expand and contract in the heat of your dishwasher, gradually making the handle loose).

      That's good to know. I currently use my fiancée's mothers knives which are Cutco. She passed away quite awhile ago and my fiancée took the knives when she left home. They still cut perfectly. Only issue I have is that they are all serrated edge. Not always the ideal situation.

    New web series "Will it Slice?".

      A 6 degree edge will last no more than a week, even if it is high carbon steel, in order to achieve that angle and maintain it would require a steel treatable to somewhere around 65hrc and at that level it would be almost unusable brittle....its also carbon steel so dish washing it is a bad idea. The reason you dont put your knives in the dish washer is due to the heat removing the temper of the blade (as well as damage to epoxy and rivets holding the tang together).

      that being said, sharp knives are rad, and so is high fps photography!

    I think some people here are missing the point... the videos are meant to showcase the slow motion capture capabilities of the camera, not whether a knife will slice through cans or bottles. And on that note, it looks brilliant. If only I had several thousand dollars just lying about...

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