Thieves Get Caught On Video By The Same Security Cameras They Were Stealing

Thieves Get Caught On Video By The Same Security Cameras They Were Stealing

If you’re looking into becoming an enterprising criminal, don’t be like these guys. Why? Because these two super slick robbers stole security cameras… without bothering to steal the security cam’s footage. Meaning they were recorded stealing by the items they stole.

Safe to say, one of the thieves has already been caught. That tends to happen when you plaster your face all over the scene of the crime. It also tends to happen when police get a real good look at you since you’re getting up close and personal with the security cameras as you steal it. And it definitely happens when you leave behind the footage of yourself for everyone to mock and see.

What were these guys thinking? Did they think they were doing some real life Ocean’s 11 work? Let’s explore the minds of these criminals:

Criminal 1: I’m Danny and you’re Rusty.
Criminal 2: No, I’m Sinatra and you’re Dean Martin.
Criminal 1: Whatever! We’re both so slick that we’ll evade capture and sell these security cams on eBay and buy an iPad 2 the day before the new iPad is released.
Criminal 2: OK, these security cameras probably aren’t recording us, right? I mean, people totally put up real security cameras to not record what’s going on, right?
Criminal 1: Totally! They’re probably fake anyways! What’s your user name on Draw Something?
Criminal 2: Then why are we stealing… ThiefWhoLeavesEvidenceBehind2

…And scene. What’s worse is that the pitiful ‘crime’ happened outside Harmony Health Medical Clinic in Linda, California (a snoozy town near Sacramento). I’m sure somewhere in the robber honour handbook it says to not steal stuff from people and/or companies who do good. No surprise these fools didn’t read it. Their haul, in all, scored them 12 surveillance cameras (which they accumulated three separate visits in two days) and one arrest. The lovely lady who runs the clinic had this to say about the robbery:

“I don’t think it was well planned or orchestrated.”

Yup. [CBS Local]