The UFC Puts An Armbar On Illegal Streams

The UFC, of 'people beating each other up' fame, is now going after the folks who have watched illegal internet streams of its Pay Per View events. Just to make this clear — it's not just going after those who host the streams. If you have ever watched one of these streams, the UFC is about to put an armbar on your arse (and by arse I mean arm, and by arm I mean your wallet).

I watch UFC. Well, I try to at least. If you don't have Foxtel it's pretty difficult to find a decent way to pay for the 'Pay' Per View events. I suppose I could go to a bar and watch it there, but I'd rather watch from the comfort of my own home, and at the moment that's next to impossible. The Xbox 360 UFC app isn't available in Australia, and outside of that, there are few solutions.

I think UFC has every right to go up against those that host illegal stream — knock yourself out (or submit yourself — your call) — but this is a perfect example of a company attempting to punish its potential audience. If users are watching illegal streams it's because you, as a company, are not providing consumers with a good enough avenue to watch your event legitimately.

[Bloody Elbow] Image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

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