The Most Advanced Fake Meat In The World Is Still Gross

I've never understood the desire of some vegetarians to make their food resemble meat; it's creepy and seems to contradict their love of vegetables. Sadly, the practice shows no sign of stopping so, with some reluctance, I present to you the most advanced fake meat in the world.

What you're looking at here is the product of the LikeMeat research project — a collaboration designed to make the meatiest fake meats the world has ever seen. From a rather wonderful press release:

"It looks like a cutlet, it's juicy and fibrous like a cutlet, and it even chews with the consistency of a real cutlet — but the ingredients are 100 per cent vegetable."

But enough talk. I know you're dying to know how they make it. Oh boy, it sounds tasty:

"The main ingredients — water and plant proteins — are brought to a boil and slowly cooled down... As the temperature sinks, the protein molecules start to form chains. This gives rise to a fibrous structure that is quite similar to that of meat."

Yum. Sadly, the researchers are only able to produce 60 to 70 kilograms of the meat substitute per hour at the moment, but Florian Wild, one of the team, reassures us that its "consistency and texture are already superb".

While I can't deny that a modest reduction in meat consumption might be a good thing for the planet, the solution isn't to eat the products of LikeMeat; the solution is just to eat a few more vegetables. In the meantime, fake meat might be more advanced, but it's still gross. [LikeMeat via Science Daily]

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    if we were all meant to be vegeterians, why did God make animals out of meat?!!!

      we are also made of meat

        Therefore we are delicious!

        I for one, welcome our new cannibalistic overlords.

    I'm a Vego and i eat Fakeon. Fake Bacon that is. Fake meat helped me transition over to vegetarianism but i don't eat much these days....other then Fakeon.

    my wife is a vegetarian (ok pescetarian) and so I tend to eat a lot of what she eats (still love a steak or chicken tho). But I gotta admit, I'd much prefer to give up meat totally than eat any of the imitation meat products. I mean what's the point?

      your wife can't be a vego, she never eats your meat?!!

    Hahaha, to my friends above..,. in the future only the very rich will eat real meat. A factory will produce "designer" meat much more cheaply, efficiently and on a larger scale than real cattle farming (which just won't be feasible to feed 9 billion people.)

    This is the future whether we like it or not.

      I'm still thinking cannibalism would be a viable option.
      Perfect method for feeding the populous, whilst curbing our societal expansion.

        Dat ass....mmmmmmm


    So this is like Quorn which is in the supermarkets?

    Vegetarian here, and I eat the fake stuff all the time.

    You know why?

    Because sometimes when you're at your friend's house and they're having a BBQ with sausages, it's embarrassing to ask them to grill your tofu. Socially, faux-sages make sense to me in that instance.

    The other thing for me is that I didn't become a vegetarian because I hate the taste of meat... I became a vegetarian because I believed eating animals was wrong (for me personally). I LOVED the taste of meat, and I miss it a lot, especially when I feel sick or depressed.

    Sometimes I just want to dip hunks of fake chicken into mayonnaise and be as disgusting as a meat eating junk food eater. (Vegetarian junk food SUCKS.)

    Just because I'm a vegetarian (I don't consume dairy either, as an aside) doesn't mean I'm a better human being who wants to swim in a pool of vegetables, although that IS a lot of fun.

    I relate it to my not consuming dairy. Just because my lactose intolerance prevents me from drinking cows milk, doesn't mean I have to miss milky coffees or (goat) cheesy pizzas.

    You live with what you have in front of you, and if there are more ways I can enjoy fake meats which are delicious and free from dead animals, I'm in to that...

      I concur.

    What a retarded article... Lots and by lots i would say most vegetarians are so because they have concerns about animal welfare not because they dislike the taste of meat. So fake meat is a way of enjoying the taste without the guilt.

    Meat causes cancer. It has been proven, so let's lay off the vegetarian attacks.

    Also vegetarians usually don't eat meat because they don't like the fact that animals are tortured in factories (there not grown on farms mate).

      David, regarding "meat causes cancer", be careful where you get your information. I'm a long term vegetarian and I very much support the cause, but there's much misinformation out there. The largest metastudy on the subject showed no difference in mortality between vegetarians and occasional meat eaters, and higher mortality among vegans and heavy meat eaters.
      So yeah, go vegetarianism, but watch out for misinformation!

    There are heaps of "Fake" meat products available that are tasty and nutritious. Some look and taste a bit like meat, some less so. I have served "Not Dogs" to my friends and they honestly had no idea that they were not eating real meat hot dogs, even after I told them.
    We regularly eat "Fake" chicken nuggets. They are certainly a lot more palatable than real chicken nuggets, especially if you know what goes into them.
    I honestly can't tell you if they taste like chicken.... it is nearly forty years since I have eaten animals.

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