The Koloro Is Like Having A Miniature Room For A Desk

Working at an office is great for collaboration, but unless you have your own isolated chunk of space, it can also be distracting when trying to buckle down and get some work done on your own. A few enclosed workspaces like this Koloro-desk — complete with windows (WINDOWS!) — could be exactly what every workspace needs.

The Koloro-desk has a raw, unfinished look and form, but on its inside, it's covered in a colourful polyester coating. It's perfect for isolation, but if you want to let in some light, there are portals on the side and rear panels which open to create windows or shelves for storage. Along the top is a slot to place a potted plant, and a wire guide to hang a lamp. It's so simple, but also very thoughtful in its design. [Dezeen]

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