The Instruction Manual For This IKEA Pre-Fab House Must Be An Encyclopedia

It turns out all that IKEA furniture you've been self-assembling was just practice for the company's new line of pre-fab homes. Working with the US-based IdeaBox, the Swedish company helped design the aktiv, which of course comes filled with IKEA furniture.

Just like their affordable dressers and beds, the 16.2m x 4.3m one-bedroom prefabricated home will cost a mere $US86,500, making it considerably cheaper than a custom-built house. But instead of coming in thousands of flat-packed boxes, it will be delivered in larger pre-assembled sections that will probably require more than just an Allen key to put together.

For added convenience the homes will also come fully-furnished with Ikea furniture and accessories, making it feel like you're coming home to one of their showrooms every night. However, there's no word on whether or not the freezer comes pre-stocked with meatballs, which would be a certain deal-breaker for me if not. [IdeaBox via Time]

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