Shooting Challenge: 5 Clever Towel Shots

Shooting Challenge: 5 Clever Towel Shots

This week’s shooting challenge theme was ‘towels’, in remembrance of Douglas Adams, who authored The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Not everyone will get the reference (including me), but we’ve received a handful of awesome shots from five Giz readers, including two mates. Check out the results after the jump.

Stuart Addelsee

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Camera: Canon EOS 7d
Lens: Canon 100mm 2.8
4 Sec|f/7.1|ISO 100

This is my attempt at trying something a little different. A fairly simple setup, a single torch as the only light source, a towel and a lot of patience trying to stand up the little guy.

I thought the texture of a towel in a macro shot would look interesting, I added the figure to give the shot a focal point and create a sense of size and space.

Stuart –


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I took this photo because I had literally no inspiration for this shot that didn’t involve a model wrapping a towel around a lithe body (it’s not like you’ve never seen that before) or a stack of rumpled or folded towels (and you’ve never seen that either). So I decided to do a shot with a foreground effect (just towels though) and the grain lines leading to the ‘circle pattern’ towel in the background. Somewhat boring, but it shows exactly what the brief says TOWELS LOL. Hope you like it.
Camera: Canon 600D Lens: Kit18-55mm IS II Av: 25 Tv:1/20 ISO:6400

Tibor Congo

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Canon 1100D
EFS 18-55mm (kit lens)
ISO100, exp0.1s, appt16, ext.flash

My gym towel has a flag pattern sown into it, and I thought the border made for an interesting MACRO subject. Slight editing to get rid of the colour and a dip in brightness makes for an interesting scene I think. Kind of reminds me of a cob of corn…

Pete Turner

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This would have been my fourth missed chance to post a picture for the challenge. But luckily I was reminded by my mate Stu that I had one night left to get a picture together. I have seen his towel picture and it is fantastic as usual, mine on the other hand is not. But hopefully it is original.

The Guardian patrols the streets near me and I have always wanted to get a shot of him. It had been raining heavily and he was quite wet so I let him by towel, which for some reason I had handy.

Joshua McFarlane

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This was one of many attempts to make one of my towels look like a beach.

Camera: Canon 550D
Focal Length: 51mm
Aperture: 6.3
Exposure time: 1/159
ISO: 800