Send Your Film Through The Dishwasher For Easy Instagram-Like Effects

Photographer Tom Welland still enjoys shooting and experimenting with actual film, and he recently he discovered that putting a fresh roll through the dishwasher resulted in beautiful, Instagram-like distressed results. Which is ironic given everyone uses Instagram for film-like results.

The process involves removing the film from its canister, running it through a dishwasher cycle, leaving it for a couple of days, blowdrying it in a dark room, and then rolling it back up and shooting.

He cautions against passing them through a commercial lab, though, since the added chemicals could mess up its developing solutions. So if you want to attempt a similar experiment, keep it DIY all the way. [Tom Welland via PetaPixel]

Photos: Tom Welland



    Would this work if I put my digital camera, memory card, through the wash as well??? ;-p

    wargh!! don't do this to your film!!
    using expired film, leaking light, bleaching and using old lenses will probably give better results without the chance of destroying 24/36 potential exposures

    How do you suppose I get the film into the dishwasher? My dishwasher isn't in a dark room, it's in a fully lit kitchen.....

    Narr film is cheap and the method is more important than the results. Are there any labs left for 35mm film? I thought the last one closed in 2010?

    There are heaps still open, I have no idea where you got that information from. My local big W still has it! All photo shops in my area still do 35mm processing. I think the explosion of holga and diana in popularity has kept them alive, I live in Austral a semi rural area

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