Samsung Makes The New iPad's Screen Because No One Else Could

Apple has exacting demands when it comes to quality control, and few things need to hit harder on quality than the retina screen on the new iPad. According to Bloomberg, the only company that was able to make the screens up to Apple standards was Samsung. You know, the company Apple's been trying to sue into the ground for months and months. Awkward.

Bloomberg says that LG and Sharp both failed to meet Apple's quality control standards, leaving Samsung as the lone manufacturer for the screen, at least at first. Both companies are set to start producing iPad screens for this generation as early as April, provided they can catch up to Samsung on quality.

Samsung also makes Apple's new A5X chip, which means it's manufacturing two of the biggest upgrades to the iPad this year. Which is very telling, considering how acrimonious things have been between it and Apple lately. They fight over everything. Samsung's been making iPhone components since forever, but this is a continuation in spite of all the fighting. Either way, nice to see that both are willing to bury the hatchet to make beautiful iPads together. [Bloomberg via TNW]


    Samsung should start charging them more to pay for all the lawyers lol

    Manufacturing screens and being sued over the products are two completely different parts of this business.

    This isn't news.

    They make screens and chips, Apple gives them a bucketload of money to do so, everyone is happy. Whether Apple goes on to sue them or Samsung sue Apple isn't going to interfere with money changing hands for goods.

    Basically Apple is just taking their money back from Samsung.

      ...which they probably charge right back to Apple...

        Just a vicious circle....the circle of life

          Now just imagine a apple exec holding the iPad over a cliff to a crowd of business men while Steve jobs face forms in the clouds.

    Samsung had apple over a barrel! They should have refused to make the screens and chips. Then where would apple be? A laughing stock.

      Someone else would have would be making them.

        At an inferior quality. Not really a major upgrade then from Apple.

      LOL because Samsung is going to give up billions of dollars over some courtroom crap?

      Where would Apple be? WIth an iPad with the same display that is still outselling anything Samsung has or putting the iPad off a couple more months for Sharp etc to catch up.

      The bigger question is where would Samsung be? Arguably in a worse position since they'd have lost one of their largest customers and there probably isn't the demand from their own devices to push the same volume of these displays as Apple would demand.

    Maybe there should be an "accidental" fire at the Samsung plant just before the new GT is released (just joking).

    What a mess.. seriously, why does everything have to be so complicated now a day!? Big multinational companies suing eachother while another division is bffs with their product lines.. wtf?!

    Hardly a surprise considering Apple's longstanding relationship with Samsung. And the fact that Samsung make the best display panels.

    Samsung also make the A5 and A5X SoCs in every iPhone and iPad. Samsung probably make more money from iPads than they do from their own tablets. I just hope they have put the screws right into Apple over this latest deal, to cover the costs of their lawyers. What this really shows is how morally bankrupt business really is.

    This must be a really big bag of hurt for Apple - as they are well aware that Samsung will now put the same screens on their Galaxy tab - which will put a dent on the whole magical Apple only retina display

      given the amount of displays apple requires, i might actually doubt that. they probably have the whole "retina display" market tied up for months, expecially in the tablet space. this is why they want sharp and lg. so apple can ramp up their production more to cope with demand.

      Money doesn't just cover buying the product. Money covers owning that product for at least a set amount of time. No one else will be using the same screen anytime soon.

      Samsung doesn't care about Apple's "retina" display. Its just a marketing term for a display with a resolution beyond what your eyes can notice anyway. Samsung has the AMOLED displays which are far superior in color and the HD versions are close enough in resolution to match the "retina". See for yourself.

    Samsung, So it's PLS panel then?

    I'm Sorry but only the iPhone 4/4S haave a retina display.

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