Retractable Beds Let You Hide An Entire Living Room Under Your Mattress

If you live in San Francisco and felt this morning's earthquake, the idea of hanging an entire retractable bed from your ceiling probably seems ludicrous. But if you're crammed into a tiny New York apartment, it might instead seem like pure genius.

Starting at around $US3800 including installation (at least in France) the beds come in a variety of different wood finishes for the tray, which is the part your mattress sits on that gets retracted to the ceiling. You can also customise what height you'd like your bed lowered to. So if you don't feel like moving furniture out of the way every night, you can have your bed drop just above your couch where a pair of flip-down legs provides extra stability.

I certainly like the idea, since it can add more space to a cramped apartment as well as a place to stash crap when company visits. But I think I'd find myself a little anxious sitting underneath it. And if it's just hanging from the ceiling, I can't help but wonder if it also sways to and fro like a hammock. [BedUp via The Fancy]

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