Redheads Feel Pain Differently

If you think redheads are inherently different, well, you'd be right; they're better than you. In fact, they have a higher pain threshold than most of us and can handle spicier food too.

It turns out that gingers are less sensitive to stinging pain in the skin, according to researchers who injected capsicum, the active ingredient in chillies, into the arms of patients. Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers, said:

"Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding."

The finding also means redheads can handle spicier food, reports Science Nordic. It lends some scientific weight to previous suggestions that gingers have a different pain response to the rest of, which were even investigated by Myth Busters.

All of which points to the fact that there is a ginger gene that brings with it these subtle differences. Proof, if you needed it, that gingers aren't just different; they're better. [Science Nordic]

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    you're just begging for 'no soul' comments -_-

      You beat me to it :(

    It's because you need a soul to feel pain.

    CAPSAICIN. not capsicum *facepalm*

    Capsaicin is the active ingredient in chilli's not capsicum

    They retyped it anyways when CAPSAICIN was actually right...! Even stupider

    Makes sense as they prolly get sunburnt 2x as much as other people... would need some help being desensitised to it :)

    Yup, they injected a whole capsicum. The hardest part was getting it through the needle.

    Yeah but they are more prone to gingervitis

    I'm more curious to know who woke up one morning and thought "I'm going to inject gingers with capsaicin today".

      Actually they said "I'm going to stab a bunch of people with really painfull things. Oohh look at that, gingers hurt less."

      Well I, for one.
      Every now and then I get a wave of new ideas akin to this.

      Tomorrow is fart-on-kid's-heads-in-the-department-store day.

    I can't go outside, I can't eat spicy food... I must be the lowest in the chain.

    Hmm. Here I was thinking that the current reseach said that, on average, bloodnuts had a lower pain threshold. Gotta love being able to find a study to support ANYTHING!

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