Read The Full LulzSec Indictments Right Here

Read The Full LulzSec Indictments Right Here

In what’s looking more and more like LulzSec’s Waterloo, six top-ranking members of the notorious hacking collective were arrested today. Here, in their entirety, are their full indictments. It’s a fed’s-eye view of the organisation that wreaked unfettered havoc for months last year.

We’ll be reading through these in more detail, but for now it’s well worth an especially deep dive into Hector Xavier Monsegur’s file. You may know him better as Sabu, or more recently, the man who handed the FBI LulzSec’s top operatives on a silver platter.

Full Indictment

Hector Xavier “Sabu” Monsegur Information

Jeremy Hammond Complaint

Donncha Cearrbhail Complaint