People Are Having Trouble Charging New iPads

Folks around the internet are reporting that the new iPad's battery isn't charging when it's pushed to its hardware limit. The culprit? It could be the giant freaking battery Apple shoved down the iPad's pants.

There are multiple threads on the official Apple forums and at MacRumors talking about the issue. It seems that the new iPad just isn't charging with its 10W charger or in some supposedly supported USB 2.0 ports. But why?

The issue stands up to basic common sense: If the new iPad has the same battery life as the older models, but needs a 70 per cent larger battery to achieve that, it's got to suck more juice. Maybe more than the old charger can put out. And while it might be questionable to have a mobile product that doesn't charge when connected to some computers, it's outright dumb to ship the iPad with a wall charger that can't keep up with its power needs. As one MacRumors commenter notes: "The Air uses a charger that is four times larger for a battery of near equal size."

We noticed something similar on Friday when we were testing the new iPad. It wasn't accepting a charge from a high-powered USB 2.0 port/cable. Later on, it also had trouble charging from the 10W charger that came with it. Both times it was under a heavy load from benchmarking, graphics tests, and just generally downloading, installing and using a million apps. One time it displayed that it was charging but still continued to drain instead of charge. That adds up to Apple's charger losing its battle against the laws of physics. Maybe it's time for a new one? [MacRumors, Apple]



    "Maybe it's time for a new one?"
    A new set of laws of physics?

      'Ye canna' change the laws of physics, Jim!'

        No, but Apple can, through Patents

          so many lols

    So the ipads peak power consumption is greater than the power output of the charger?

      Seems so. I guess we're about due for a new dock connector of some variety.

    Must be all those extra pixels you can't actually see.

      Not being able to make out the individual pixels is kind of the point. Unless you actually prefer screens where you can make out an ugly grid of pixels?

      Back to the topic at hand , I've even had this problem from time to time with my iPad2. Usually it's because I've forgotten the screens is on full brightness, while playing a graphics intensive game. Turning the screen down a couple of notches always fixes the problem.

      It definitely sounds like Apple underestimated how much power the new iPad needs to draw on to be used to its full potential while still charging. The fact that it still can't charge offf a desktop or laptop computer with a high powered USB port is very lame. And if it can't even charge properly off a wall power supply, then it sounds like its time to start bundling it with a proper external power supply. Given Apple are rumoured to be dropping the current dock connector for the next iPhone, better power management is probably something we'll have to wait for with the iPhone5 and iPad4.

      I would imagine power problems and overheating would affect the LTE models a lot more (particularly if using the iPad as a wireless hotspot over LTE) which isn't something we have to worry about in Australia at least. If the problem is truly as bad as it sounds, then II wouldn't even consider getting a 3G model for this reason (and because you can so easily tether the iPad to your smartphone when you need the net while away from wi-fi anyway ).

      I love the new iPad, and was ready to snap one up, but I think I'll hold off a bit and see how widespread this problem is, and what models it affects.

    Hope you have a 15w USB charger!

    Christ I would have preferred an iPad "2" with a 8 hour battery life anyday.

    Maybe is just one bad apple?

      I'm sorry that the rest of the world didn't acknowledge the brilliance of your comment. I for one, found it remarkable :)

    Apple. It just doesn't f*cking work.

      +1 it just makes you look trendy.

      i was at a CIO thing called Gartner and during the intro speach i was standing at the top of the theater. all you could see looking down was tablet upon tablet. the tech area was mostly android which i found amusing

    I've not had any issues with charging. Seems I'm one of the lucky ones. I don't have any heat issues, my screen is clear of any colour tinge and my iPad charges when I plug it in at the wall or through USB on my mac, though I takes longer to charge through USB. Maybe there is a buch of faulty dock connectors out there.

    UnrelateD, but do those so-called "fast charge cables" actually work? I've got a Belkin one that seems pretty speedy but yeah...

    I know my HP Touchpad doesn't charge from a computer USB port if the battery is fully drained, actually I am not sure if it charges from it at all rather then just keep it at the same percentage

    My new iPad seems to be charging fine and my battery lasts for ages

    My new iPad seems to be charging fine and the battery lasts for ages

    yeah my new iPad is charging fine as well. However my iPhone 4S drains faster than it can charge if i'm using it as a hotspot.

    my @HP TouchPad doesn't charge at all, it seems that the fire sale was to get rid of the issue, no support whatsoever. Shameful... This is the first "Non-Steve Jobs" product launched, and despite the numbers sold, Apple has slipped a notch in it's quality. They shipped the new iPad and broke all the apps, so there are 3 million people that want to run apps on this new shiny device and many of them will (like idiots) leave a 1 star rating on the apps because Apple broke backward compatibility. The developers HAVE to move to Lion and xCode 4.3.1 to be able to compile for the new iPads. Even a 30" screen is not enough to display the new Retina iPad simulator. This shows how much attention to detail Steve Jobs had.

    er, sucked in? get a real computer?

      Yep. Becuase people should carry around desktop computers with 24" monitors. You're right.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the cable the IPad comes with slightly different to that of an iPhone cable? Just saying when I had my iPad it seemed to charge quicker from a) a wall socket and b) when u use the cable the iPad comes with.

      all the cables i have provide the same result. that includes a ipod, iphone 3g, new ipad and generic brand

      From the link "The new iPad is still the very best tablet that money can buy"

      They must really hate the other tablets.

      i just bought another ipad today. (true) Why didnt you post this earlier and save me $800?? Whyyyy?????

        mDolley, later he article reads "I'm still on the fence if I should keep my new iPad" so it sort of conflicts with the "very best tablet" statement.

        z3d, if you want to be on the bleeding edge then you have to be prepared to bleed from time to time.

    +1 if i use my ipad for a heavy app with 3d or 3g it wont charge. i have to leave it idle for an extended period. that wouldn't be too bad except it will only charge on desktop PC's. i have not found a ASUS, HP, Sager or Toshiba laptop that will charge it. havn't got a mac but i am going to guess its the same

    "We noticed something similar on Friday when we were testing the new iPad"
    buuut we didn't mention it because...well actually, why *didn't* you mention it?

    I've had issues with my ipad 2 from time to time.
    the issue only comes up when I'm really pushing it (infinity blade 2, apps downloading in the background, wifi connected, full brightness etc)... it says it won't charge or charges and percentage doesnt increase.

    Is a really sporadic problem, so now, just like most of my mobile devices, i plug it in at night and leave it charging. :)

    One car with a 40L tank, the other with a 70L, both visit the same fuel pump blah blah blah.... Yes Apple shouldve shipped a faster charger but they didn't. Charge overnight and modify habits. If not, Smsung need a hand shifting some Galaxy Tabs, be my guest.

    With any new idevice you absolutely, 100% need to let the battery completely deplete until dead before plugging it in . Once it's flat as a witches boobie, plug it into the wall charger. Turn off the device if it powers back on and charge to 100% (plus another hour or so). Start using the device and witness how the battery performs. Mine is now going a couple of days between charges with medium to heavy use. A tip I picked up from owning multiple android devices over the last 18 months. Love Android phones, really dont love their tablets (all 200 versions).

    Can it be charged using the Macbook Air charger??

    I remember my ipad used to always say not charging when i had it plugged via usb but after an hr or so the battery charge actually went up but thats the ipad 1 dont know how the rest are like now

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