Panasonic Lumix GF5 Micro Four Thirds Leaked

We like Panasonic's Lumix GX1, so it's exciting to see the new micro four thirds Panasonic GF5 leaked on Instagram. Its shape looks similar to the GF3.

According to 43rumors, it will have a 12MP sensor with better signal-to-noise ratio than the GF3. It's as good as the G3, they claim, while going up to a see-in-the-dark ISO 12,800. If they got their information right, its autofocus will be quite fast: 0.09 seconds. [43rumors]


    only 12MP? i think it needs the 16MP sensor to comete in this market

      Megapixels are more or less irrelevant above about 10. It's just a bragging point for people who don't know about cameras

    You know I thought the same until I got my 24mp NEX-7. The crop-ability of 24mp is just amazing. I am finding photos within photos, while still remaining great quality.


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