Optus Trialling Location-Based Mobile Ads

Optus Trialling Location-Based Mobile Ads

How much of your personal data would you be willing to hand over to Optus in return for bargain offers? That’s the basis of a trial that Optus has been running since the start of the year.

ITNews reports on the trial, which is being run by a business group within Optus dubbed Group Digital Life. According to the group’s head, Allen Lew, all data would be “gathered with the customer’s permission” and that they’d only hand over data to advertisers with the customer’s permission.

“We will have a world of data that allows the targeting of the mobile and help bring results to advertisers who want to spend money to reach their customers. We’re enhancing the ad experience with data. Advertisers are willing to bet big on the mobile segment if they can pinpoint a customer’s location and they can serve targeted ads.”

This makes me ponder: What level of personal detail is worth what level of bargain offering?