Optical Illusion Turns Simple Pendant Into An Elaborate Chandelier

When design shop Troika was called upon to create a series of unique chandeliers for the Royal Society of Arts‘ headquarters in London, instead of engineering some hanging crystal monstrosity, they created a subtle fixture that barely exists when the lights are off.

A small brass pendant filled with eight high-power LEDs hangs from the ceiling. The light source shines upwards through a fresnel lens. The refracted projection creates a series of overlapping circular patterns on the ceiling, giving the appearance of an elaborate chandelier overhead. The new chandeliers are efficient, they collect very little dust, and in the event of a disastrous crash, like in The Phantom of the Opera, they're practically harmless. [Dezeen via CribCandy]


    I shouldn't really be annoyed by this, but it's not an optical illusion.

    Optical, yes. Illusion, no.

      The illusion is that it look like "one" bulb making what appears to be the light of multiple bulbs.

        I think you're both missing the point, the illusion is, if you stare at it long enough, you can see a red pendant hanging off a hollow disc... Took me a few tries and I had to squint my eyes for about 40 seconds, but then I seen it :D

          There's a point now?

      An illusion is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.

    is there a way to buy some ?

    Maybe the illusion is that it's an illusion? Maybe it's an allusion to an illusion?

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